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No Pests

From our Grower “Brad”

Suspended Brands uses only natural oils and plant extracts that are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. The two listed “pesticides” are not actually defined as pesticides because they are not toxic or artificially created poisons. The reason we list them is that they are on the “accepted list in PICOL” which is a broad range of products , some pesticides some not, and we want to be in compliance with products used or on site.


The Smite is made of all natural oils which are:


  • Geraniol
  • Peppermint oil
  • Cottonseed oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Canola Oil


The product does not poison the mites, but rather clogs their feeding tubes and hence they starve to death.  Because of the way it works there is no way that the bugs can develop immunity because once again…it is not a poison.


All of the ingredients biodegrade naturally within 48 hours. This is clearly reflected in the fact that we have never had any trace of pesticides on our product when tested either by private or LCB labs.  Therefore, our product is without a doubt 100% pesticide free.


The other product listed is Regalia PTO.  Its ingredient is Renutria Sachalinenis.  It (once again) does not kill powdery mildew through toxic action.  It is a plant extract from India from a plant that naturally defends itself genetically from mildews.  it does so by boosting the plants own immunity against mildews.  That being said, I have not even used Regalia PTO for 2 years as i control powdery mildew through environmental control.


ie: temperature, humidity, airflow.  the reason it is listed is that we have it on site in the case of a nasty humid season where environmental controls would be less effective. and having it “on site” we have always wanted to follow LCB regs by listing it.


Not to sound like a broken record.  But Regalia when sprayed only goes on in vegative state, biodegrades within 2 weeks and is never used in flower stage hence when we harvest our product is 100% free of anything.  this clearly shows up on the tests as we have never had a detectable (and by non-detectable we are talking parts per million) foreign product, agent, pesticide, or residue on any of our product and I take great pride in that.


I would suggest that if it becomes an issue that we provide our test results to our salespeople, or they are welcome to call or email me anytime and I would be happy to educate them on our processes and products used.

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